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How do I set up my Rewards?

It's quick and easy to set up your Loyalty Program for your return customers! The following tutorial will go over the different options you can set and how to send an announcement email to your all of your customers!

First you'll want to locate the Rewards tab at the top of your orders dashboard. 

When you click on the Rewards tab for the first time you'll be directed to your Rewards Settings page. 

This is where you set up the program and, later, where you'll make any changes to the program.

Your first option is to choose the date you would like your rewards system to begin. 

This can be any time in the past month or even a future date. 

Once you set the start date you will not be able to change it. 

Our program will count all orders imported into  from your customers from that date forward. 

The Goal, Reward, and Emoji settings can all be set here. Note that these settings can be changed after you start your rewards program! If you need to set a higher or lower goal or change the reward then you can easily make your updates from this screen. When you have all of your options set properly, then you’ll see a large purple button that says “Begin Rewards Program”. Verify that the summary of your rewards system is correct and then you can start your rewards program!

To send an announcement email to your customers, use our One Off Email Marketing Tools.  If you're not sure what to say you can use our New Rewards Template as a starting point!

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