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Why should I connect my bank account to

This friendly FAQ answers any questions you may have about attaching your bank account to your account! If you still have any questions after reading through, please feel free to reach out to our excellent Customer Service team.

How do I attach my bank account directly to

You can attach your bank account to our system when signing up! You can also set up your bank account at any time by going to your  billing settings page.

Why do I have to log into my bank account?

Our system uses Auth Plaid integration as our bank processor. This is used as a one time process to Verify and Authorize you as the owner of the bank account. It is fully encrypted and we ( do not ever have access to your login credentials.

Plaid verification is PCI compliant, which means they follow the appropriate federal regulations to keep sensitive information safe. Plaid has direct integrations with many banks and have set up their system this way so customers can easily and quickly verify ownership of the bank account.

Why can’t I find my bank?

Because of how our system integrates with banks, if your bank is not part of the Plaid system then you cannot link your bank account to our system. We are hoping to support more banks in the future. If you do not see your bank account and would like to keep a smaller shipping balance on your account then reach out to

What is the benefit of using a bank account instead of a credit card?

You are allowed to have the lowest possible Auto Recharge amount when using your bank account directly. If you are on a paid subscription, either the Growth or Executive  plan, you no longer need to carry a shipping credit balance. If you are on our FREE Starter plan, your minimum shipping credit auto-recharge can be reduced as low as $10.

Is my monthly fee charged directly to my bank account now?

Yes. When you have bank account transfers enabled in your account, we'll charged both your postage and your monthly service fee to your bank account.

Can I have a bank account AND credit card on file at the same time?

At this time, you can only have ONE bank account -OR- ONE credit card on file for at a time. You can change payment methods any time you need to at your convenience.

Why do I have charges coming out today?! I haven't purchased postage today!

Because of how ACH payments clear your bank, it may take a few days to process the payment. You may purchase postage on a Thursday or Friday and not see the transaction in your bank account until Monday or Tuesday. If you feel like any charges were made erroneously please contact Customer Support immediately!

Why is my bank account disabled?!

When our bank processes a failed charge on your account then we immediately and automatically disable ACH payments. This is to help prevent multiple NSF fees from accumulating. If you would like to enable your ACH ability again then you will need to contact customer service. You will also receive a $4 processing fee from that will charged to your card due to the failed payment.

I had a failed charge what is this fee on my bank account?

Most banks will charge an NSF (insufficient funds) fee when your account does not have enough funds to cover the charges made. If you have an NSF fee on your bank statement due to a charge - you will need to discuss that fee directly with your bank.

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