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How do I set up my Auto Refill?

There are a few terms you should understand when purchasing postage through ZenSales:

Shipping Balance - The amount of funds currently available on your account to purchase postage.

Auto Recharge - The amount you authorize ZenSales to charge your payment method when your Shipping Balance is too low to purchase your next shipping label.

Adding Funds to Your Shipping Balance

Before adding funds to your Shipping Balance you need to first set your Auto Recharge amount. This is not the minimum balance that you need to keep in your account- just the amount that we will charge your payment method when your Shipping Balance is low. To pick your Auto Recharge amount just click on your “Shipping Balance” in the upper right corner of your dashboard:

A modal will open listing your current balance and current payment method type. You will see a drop down box listing the monetary amounts that you can choose from. Some of these options are only available if you are using a bank account and/or have a paid subscription.

Next you just need to purchase a label!

Once you purchase the label then we’ll reload your balance minus the price of that label’s postage. Now continue to purchase labels! If your balance gets low then we’ll automatically load funds to your Shipping Balance.

You can also set your refill amount to Disabled, which will prevent our system from refilling your balance automatically. 

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