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Can I use more than one brand/payment processor with

Yes! For the sake of simplicity, this article will only use the word brand but this article also applies to our payment processors (PayPal, Square, and Shopify) . The user interface is currently designed primarily for users automatically importing orders from one brand, but users can still setup their account to import orders from multiple brands, and all orders will still import. The main caveat is that you will only receive brand specific messages, notifications, and manual sync options for the last brand you set up for order importing.

Some things to know

When setting up multiple brands you will have the option to automatically import any orders from any brand you set up. BUT, not all of the manual sync options will be available for each brand on your account. Some supported brands allow you to import orders multiple ways including through a CSV upload or with a button to manually sync orders.

If you are setting up a brand for LuLaRoe, PayPal, RingBombParty, or Maverick the Collection you will want to set up that brand last to make sure you have the correct manual sync option available. 

This will also be the official brand associated with your account. If you mainly sell LuLaRoe, but have a small Shopify store for accessories then you'll want to set up LuLaRoe last. This is the brand that will be saved in our system and ensures you get any brand-specific communication for your primary business if/when we send any. We do not send brand specific communications often but it is usually important.

Already set up your main brand and would like to add a secondary brand? You can still manually set your brand within our system. 

Set up your First Brand / Payment Method

When you first sign up for you will have a blank dashboard until you set up your brand and choose how to automatically import your orders. Click the button "Set Up Your Brand" to open our Brand Modal.

Select the brand you would like to sync and follow the on screen directions prompting you to set up your automatic order importing. When you are done just click outside of the Brand Modal to be directed back to your orders dashboard. You now have one official brand within the system.

Setting up Multiple Brands / Payment Methods

To set up an additional brand just click the "Brand Setup" option from the Profile drop down menu. This will open our Brand Modal over your orders dashboard.

The Brand Modal will initially open to the brand page of the first business you chose to sync. Click "Start Over" to go the main screen that lists all of our supported brands.

Locate and click the other brand you would like to use and follow the on screen instructions to automatically import your orders. Repeat as needed.

Set Your Primary Brand / Payment Method

To manually set your account to a specific brand click the "Brand Setup" option from the Profile drop down menu. If the Brand Modal opens to a brand other than your official brand just click "Start Over" to go to the main selection screen that lists all of our supported brands.

Locate and click the brand you would like to have as your official brand. You do not need to follow the on screen directions if your orders are already importing. Click anywhere outside of the brand Modal and your official brand will be saved.

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