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How can I print labels with my normal laser or inkjet printer?

For a normal printer (laser or inkjet) printer, the setting automatically prints two labels per page. So this applies specifically to labels that print two to a page, on an a normal letter size sheet of 8.5 x 11 inch. The letter size sheet has two labels per page that can be separated.

When you purchase a shipping label on our site, make sure that you have "Normal Printer" selected on the shipping label dialogue box since you are using a regular inkjet/laser printer.

Once you do that, then it will format the label properly to print on an regular printer. Our system will generate a .pdf file for you in a new browser window. You'll then need to use your browser print dialogue box to manually send the file to your printer.**Note: On the printer dialog box for Scale, make sure Fit to page is Not checked and scale should be set to 100.

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