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How do I batch print my labels?

After you've purchased postage from your desktop application you can batch print your labels. 

You can select to Print the batch from the icon under your shipping balance or select batch print underneath any of the orders you've already purchased postage for. Once you've selected the option to print the batch, the batch printing modal will appear. It will list all of the orders eligible to be printed in the batch along with the shipping method you purchased for the order. 

I'd like to note that you need at least ONE order to generate a batch, but you can do as many orders as you've purchased that day. For an order to be eligible to be batch printed then it will need to have postage purchased but remain unprinted. If you accidentally clicked to print a label that you'd like to include in the batch just click the tertiary menu and select "Re-set to Unprinted". This will allow the order to be included in the batch. 

When you have all of the orders showing properly in the batch you can then Generate the Batch. The Batch Purchasing modal will stay up, but you will see three options after successfully generating the batch. You will have one button that lists the label format, one that says Pick List, and one that says Pack Slip. 

The Pick List button will open a new PDF. It will generate a page listing all of the items in the order combined by item. This will allow you to sort and pull from your order more easily when packing orders.

The Pack Slip button will open a new PDF. It will generate one page per order. Each page will include the total items listed in the order and can be included in the package for your customer's records.

The Label Format button will open a new PDF. It will generate one pdf document with all of your labels. This will allow you to print 1 time for all of your labels instead of printing multiple labels.

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