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How do I request a USPS Pickup?

You can request a USPS Pickup through ZenSales in just 3 clicks. First, select "Request Pickup" from the orders page. Please wait to request a pickup until you have printed labels for all the packages you would like to include. 

Inside the Request USPS Pickup popup, select a pickup location from the drop down. Optionally, you may leave special instructions for the driver.

** Note: that if "OTHER" is selected as a pickup location, special instructions are required.

At the top, you can view your estimated pickup date. This is typically the next mail day at your normal mail delivery time. This date is an estimate only. When finished, select "Request Pickup".

You're done! Once your request is approved, you will receive an email from USPS with a confirmation number. That email also has instructions on how to edit a request directly with USPS.

Look up Pickup Status

After you schedule a pickup, you will notice the button changes to "Pickup Scheduled on <estimated date>". You will not be able to schedule a new pickup until the following day. Hence it is important to ensure all the packages you want in the pickup are accounted for before scheduling it. The USPS cutoff time for scheduling a pickup is 1:59 AM CT.

Cancelling a pickup

If you would like to cancel your pickup, simply select "Pickup Scheduled on <estimated date>" and a popup opens with the option to cancel.

Once 1:59 AM CT passes on the day you scheduled the pickup, you can no longer cancel the pickup. However, you can schedule a new pickup! Simply select "Schedule Pickup" again.

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You can check out the USPS FAQ, or contact our Customer Service via chat or email us at

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