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Can I ship anything with

Yes, you can ship anything with! Whether you are an individual looking to print a few labels or a small business looking for an affordable shipping platform, you can quickly purchase and print a label with our system. For those looking to ship with your business we recommend that you utilize our full desktop features when purchasing and printing labels. For the individual looking to ship a quick package we advise that you download the mobile app for simple purchasing and printing.

Desktop/Mobile Browser Directions

To manually create an order, click the "New Order" button on the orders dashboard. This will open a new modal that you will use to enter the customer and order information. 

Enter Customer Information

You will first be prompted to enter the customer's name. 
As you type, you'll see a list of customers that you can ship to. 
If your customer isn't yet in your account, then click the "CREATE NEW CUSTOMER" link. 


Enter Order Information

After your customer’s information is in the modal, you can fill out the order with any additional details you wish. 
If you just need to quickly print a label then you are not required to add products or any additional information. 
The more information included with the order, the more accurate your reports will be.


Please note: If you would like to make sure that this order is to qualify for our Delivery Guarantee please include a list all of the items on the order when filling out the order details.


Create the Order
There are multiple status options to choose from when you want to “Create Order”

  • Create Order - if you are ready to ship your order

  • Waiting for Payment - if you are still waiting on payment before you ship

  • Save Draft - if you will need to edit the order or order items before shipping

  • Send Invoice - if you would like to send an invoice to your customer

No matter which option you choose, a new order will appear on your Orders Dashboard so that you can purchase postage!

Mobile App Directions 

  1. Click the Ship button: Located at the bottom of the screen when logged into your mobile app

  2. Add a recipient: Select from your contacts, search, or click to add a custom Address.

  3. Select the recipient’s address: Make sure you are shipping the package where the recipient wants it to go!

  4. Enter the weight and dimensions: Include a value in each box then select “Enter” from your keyboard or you may not be able to view your postage quote.

  5. Choose your postage: The best shipping options will be displayed automatically but you can click the carrier tabs to view more postal options.

  6. Click Next: Once you have the correct postage option for your package click “Next” in the upper right corner of your app to continue.

  7. Personalize the shipment: Before purchasing your postage you can confirm the details on the shipment, add a picture, and include a special message.

  8. Click Next: Before clicking next please verify the shipment information is correct for the shipment.

  9. Pay for the Postage: Choose which payment method you would like to use and then click to “Ship”

  10. Before you print: Before you choose to print the label use the Drop Off tab to view the nearest drop box for your carrier or choose to schedule a free USPS pickup.

  11. Print the label: Click to Print Label. If you cannot print from your mobile device then a copy of the label will be emailed to you for convenience.

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