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How do I print a Packing Slip?

If you'd like to include an itemized list of an order's items in a package we've got you covered! You can easily and quickly print a packing slip from your ZenSales Dashboard. Just locate the order you're packing and click the three dot tertiary menu to the right of the order. There you will see the option to print a packing slip for the order. 

It does not matter what status the order is in, you can print a Pack Slip at any time! You can also print a pack slip if you're batch printing. Check out our batch printing tutorial to find out how!

You can even add a custom message to your packing slip. Just go to your Profile Menu > Settings. There you will see several tabs organizing your settings. Just go to the Personalization tag to add a custom message to the bottom of your packing slip. 

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