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Square Automatic Order Importing Email Forwarding Tutorial

You can automatically sync your new orders from Square into your desktop app using our secure email forwarding process. Select a button below to get started.  Once you have finished these steps any new paid invoice will be automatically forwarded to your Orders Dashboard.  If you have any current orders that you would like reflected in your Dashboard, then you will need to manually forward these to our system.

Get started using a Gmail account.

Automatic forwarding from Gmail

Get started using an Outlook, Live, Hotmail, or MSN account.

Automatic forwarding from Outlook Web App
Automatic forwarding from Outlook Desktop App

Manual Forwarding

To manually forward any orders, you will just need to find the corresponding paid receipts in your email.  Once you have found these you will then forward them to your Forwarding Address.  Once this has been completed these orders will show up in your account within a few minutes.

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