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Locate My Forwarding Address

To forward emails to your desktop application for automatic order importing, you'll need your Forwarding Address. After you have your Forwarding Address you can follow your corresponding brand or payment method setup instructions within our tutorials.

1) Log into your desktop account. This can be accessed through your mobile browser, but not through the mobile app. We recommend using a desktop or laptop when setting up automatic order importing for any brand or payment processor. 

2) Click the Profile icon in the top, right corner of the screen, then choose Settings from the drop down Menu. 

3) On the settings page, click the Order Importing tab, then find the "Forwarding Emails to" section. 

4) Click the "COPY" button next to your Forwarding address.

Voila! You now have a copy of your Forwarding address. Now jump to our Getting Started Guides for either your brand or payment processor.

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