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Shopify Setup Through Brand Modal

It's quick and easy to link your Shopify account through the Brand Modal. First Locate the Brand Setup Modal on your Profile menu located in the upper right corner of your dashboard.

Locate the Shopify button underneath Payment Processors:

A new page will appear and you just need to click "Install App"!

At this point you’ll be redirected from and to the Shopify App store. Once you've been redirected you need to click to "Add app".

After adding the app, you'll be prompted to approve any charges from All monthly subscription payments will be charged through Shopify. Whatever your current subscription and pricing is with is what you'll be billed through Shopify. All charges for postage will continue to be billed directly from

Once you've given permission for Shopify to process your monthly subscription fee then you'll be redirected back to You should see the following message on the Brand Setup Modal to confirm that you were able to link your store properly.

We'll automatically import any orders from the last thirty days. At this point you can either begin shipping with or you can click to "Link Another Store". If you click to link another store then you'll be redirected to the Shopify App Store.

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