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PayPal Automatic Order Importing

To automatically import your orders from PayPal, you'll need to give permission to access PayPal order information.

This can be done easily by going to the the Profile Menu in the top right and selecting "Brand Setup":

From there, select your brand to navigate to account as your payment processor, or choose PayPal under the "Don't see your brand? Try one of our payment platforms" underneath the brands listed.

Then select the "Log in with PayPal" button at the bottom of the next screen:

You will then be redirected to PayPal to login. Follow their steps to give permission to access PayPal order information.

When that is complete, you will land on the Orders page and will automatically begin processing your last two months of PayPal orders. The button will read "Syncing" while is retrieving your order information.

When this is done processing, you will get a notification at the bottom of the screen to reload the page to see your imported orders:

And that's it! Simply hit that "Sync PayPal" button whenever you want to bring over your latest order information. We will also retrieve it every thirty minutes for you.

If you encounter any issues importing customer addresses, refer to this Help Center article for additional assistance.

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