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PayPal order importing via CSV

To import your PayPay orders into , you'll need to export a CSV from PayPal.

Exporting a CSV from PayPal

Log into your PayPal account.

Once logged in, choose Tools -> Invoicing from the navigation bar.

On the Manage Invoices page, choose the "Paid" filter, and click the "Download" link at the top, right of your invoices table.

On the modal that pops up after you click Download, choose the file type "Comma delimited", and check "Include item details". Then click "Download" to download your CSV.

Now you have a CSV downloaded to your computer.

This is the file you will upload to You do not need to modify this file in any way - will filter out all of the existing orders when you import.

Uploading your CSV to

In your desktop app, click the right-hand side of the button with a purple outline that says PAYPAL SYNC to select UPLOAD CSV in the dropdown, and then choose the CSV file that was downloaded in the previous step.

When the sync is complete, a banner will appear at the bottom letting you know there are new orders available. Click the Update Orders button on this banner to see your new orders.

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