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Pure Romance - Sending Pure Sale orders to

Lets get started setting up Pure Sale to copy on your order invoices.

If you don't already have it handy, you'll first need to get your forwarding email from your account.

Locate my Forwarding Address

Now log into your Pure Sale app and go to your settings.

Select Printing/Email Preferences

Select Customize Email

Paste your copied forwarding email address into Email BCC: for BOTH the Party Sales and Outside Sales tabs

You can confirm is copied on your customer invoice emails by sending an invoice as you normally would -- pull up an order, select Edit, scroll to the bottom to choose the Email option, and before hitting Send, double check the Bcc: line contains your forwarding email address.

You also need to ensure that the email content includes "Pure Romance" somewhere in the email body (not in the attachment though it's fine there as well). 

This lets our system know that it is an email to import for your shipping needs.

An important note: All Pure Sale invoices must have unique invoice numbers to import into correctly. You can confirm Pure Sale is successfully automatically assigning invoice numbers by choosing Invoice next to Email on any order and double check there is an Invoice number present in the top right.

For past orders that you still need to ship, simply resend those invoices after the above setup is completed. If you don't want to send them to your customers again, simply remove them from the To: line before hitting Send. 

That's it! Your orders will now automatically appear in!

All orders will come into our system in the Waiting for Payment status where you can choose to Mark as paid, Will not ship, or jump directly to Purchase shipping label.

Use Square for payment processing?

If you use Square and would like to automatically update paid orders to Ready to ship, please refer to our Square setup instructions.

NOTE: You must use the same order number in both Pure Sale and Square for orders to update correctly.

Set up automatic Square import

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