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Square Email Forwarding for Gmail

Let's get started by setting you up with the proper Square notifications, and then email forwarding to for your Square orders. Once complete, all new Square invoices will automatically show up in your desktop account.

First, you will need to make sure you have turned on Square email notifications for invoices. You can do this by logging into Square, going to Invoices and then Notifications under Settings on the left. Please verify the following three boxes are checked:

NOTE: Copying/CCing yourself on invoices, or using your email address as the customer's email address, will not work for to automatically import your orders.

Next, if you don't already have it handy, you'll need to get your forwarding address from your account.

Locate my Forwarding Address

Log into your Gmail account, and click Settings.

Click the "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" tab, then click the "Add a forwarding address" button

Paste your Forwarding Address into the box and click Next, and then click Proceed. 

You'll get a notification about an email being sent to your forwarding address for verification. Just click OK. No further action is needed on your part - we automatically verify the address for you. 

Wait a couple of minutes for the confirmation process to complete automatically.

Go to your main inbox, and type "" in the search box then press ENTER.

Click the little down arrow on the search bar. 

Click the "Create filter" button at the bottom of the screen that appears. 

Check "Forward it to:", choose your Forwarding Address from the drop down, and click Create filter. 

That's it! Your orders will now automatically appear into your desktop account!

Note: You now may have a red bar at the top of your gmail window. Google puts this here for security purposes, and it disappears after 7 days. This is perfectly normal.

Also, if you decide to forward emails from Square from two different Square accounts (e.g. if you have two different businesses with separate Square accounts), please ensure the invoice numbers are unique across all your accounts.

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