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How do I process a Return?

You can process a return with is just a few simple steps! First you need to locate the order you would like a return label for. When you click the three dots you should see a drop down menu that will allow you to process the return.

When you begin the return process you will have a few different options. You can print the return label or select "No Return Label". You would want to select "No Return Label" if the customer if physically giving you the return or they are using their own postage to return the items.

Selecting "Print Return Label" will open a print dialogue box. You can then select the correct size postage for the return package. 

Once you select the proper postage you will have two options. You can either send the return label to your customer or you can print the return label. If you are emailing the return label, you will need to make sure that the customer's email address is correct in or they may not receive it. If you would like to print out the label you can select "Print Return Label". If you would like to personally send the return label you can also select "Print Return Label" and then save the label as a PDF.

If you chose to email the return label through our system then you will receive another prompt to enter a custom message to the customer. This message will be included in the email sent to your customer. It is a good time to include any specific instructions your customer may need to return the package to you properly, such as what type of package to use or what to include in the return. You can also just leave the message.

At this point you will have two options in the queue for your package. You can either say that you've received the return or reprint the return label. If you choose "Reprint Return Label" then you will prompted, again, if you would like to either email the label to your customer or if you would like to print the label. You will be able to reprint the label as many times as needed as long as you do not click "Received Returned Items".

When you receive the return package you can then select "Received Returned Items" and you will have two new options. You can then "Return" or "Refund" the order. If you select "Refund" then the item will be set to cancelled in our system. If you select "Replace" the item will then be marked as Return Completed.

At that point you can then create a new order for the item you are replacing using our New Order feature.

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