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Which postage option should I choose to ship my package?

You can choose to ship your package through either the USPS or FedEx when purchasing postage through


This is the most affordable option when shipping packages to your customers. There are two major types of postage to purchase when shipping with USPS; First Class and Priority. For Priority you can utilize their Flat Rate option or choose your own packaging. USPS has a 70 pound and 108 in (combined length + girl) package limit for all postage options.

The USPS focuses on affordability over speed and is ideal for shipping packages that do not need to be delivered at a specific time. We do not offer insurance directly through the USPS but you can purchase our Delivery Guarantee if you would like your items covered.

First Class - The most affordable way to ship an item under 15.9oz. You use your own packaging (polymailer or box) when purchasing a label for this option. This is a great value to get smaller packages to your customers within a week.

Priority Flat Rate- This option is ideal if you have a smaller and/or heavier items to send. The price is 'flat' and does not vary based on the weight of the package or the zone you are shipping to. You must be able to fit your items within the predefined creases/folds of the package. This option includes all of the Flat Rate Envelopes, Flat Rate Boxes, and Regional Rate Boxes.

Priority Custom - You also have the option to ship Priority when using your own packaging (either a polymailer or a box). To find out more on how to ship a custom package check out this article. When shipping with our Custom option the system will automatically produce the lowest priced postage option for your package based on the dimensions you enter. With this option you can utilize our special Cubic Discount for shipping smaller and heavier packages.


Learn more about our UPS options through this helpful guide.

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