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How do I file a claim for a lost or damaged package?

This article walks you through the steps of filing a claim for a package shipped through using USPS postage. If you would like to learn more about our program visit our FAQ. To file a claim for a Priority package you must do so through the USPS website.

Before You File a Claim

  • Try to first locate the package through the USPS Missing Mail and Lost Package checklist
  • Locate the order within your Dashboard
  • Determine if it is eligible for the Delivery Guarantee by checking the conditions located here
  • Make sure you know the wholesale value for each item listed in the order
  • If the package never made it to its destination (lost) then make sure to mark the order as “Delivered” in your account

Desktop/Mobile Browser Directions

Once you’ve located the correct order then you can file the claim. First click the tertiary menu to the right of the order. You’ll see several options including “File a Claim”. This option will only appear if the order is in the status “Delivered”.

A pop up box with information that you need to fill out will appear. If you notice the order information is not correct then you will want to cancel the claim and locate the correct order within your dashboard.

You will need to answer both what happened to the package and how you would like to receive the payout. You will also need to fill out the wholesale value for each item in the order. The wholesale value is the price that you purchased the items for.

Damaged packages may result in your customer receiving part of the order. In that case you’ll only want to fill out the Delivery Guarantee Form for the items that need to be replaced in your customer’s order. For the items that made it safely to your customer, you will set the wholesale value as $0.

Once you’ve submitted your claim that’s all you need to do! A Customer Service representative will contact you via email within 48 hours. If any more information is needed to process the claim then they will let you know when reaching out to you via email.

Mobile Directions

You cannot currently file a claim for a package through our mobile app.

If you would like to file a claim with USPS for a Priority package you must do so through the USPS website.

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