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How do I manage my customers?

Customer data is automatically imported into along with order data. We keep this information in your Customers tab located along the top navigation bar:

Customers are grouped primarily by their email address. This means that sometimes a customer may have more than one entry on your Customers tab. This could happen if a user submits a new email address or leaves their email address blank when checking out. If that happens you'll want to clean up your customers a little bit. 

First, locate the primary customer. This will be the customer's primary data you want used when merging customers. Once located, click into their name to open their order history. In the bottom left corner of the modal will be a button that says "Merge Similar".

Click that button to search for customers similar to the primary customer. We look at the user's name, email address, phone number, and shipping address to locate any and all possible similar customers.

Click the check mark next to any of the customers that you'd like to merge with your primary customer. When you're sure that you have the correct information selected, click to "Merge X Customers". Where X is the amount of customers you are merging at the time. 

You'll receive a notification to confirm that you do want to merge the total amount of customers to the primary customer. Just select "OK" to complete the merge. Now your customer's data will be under one customer entry!

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