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The Story is re-imagining the delivery process and building the platform to bring this to life so you can experience delivery magic.

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: the package delivery process is annoying and not very fun.

- What if you didn’t have to check UPS, FedEx, USPS, and Amazon sites for tracking numbers?

- What if you didn’t have to sign up for text or email alerts for shipping notifications from the places where you shop online including Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and all others?

- What if there was one place to track all the stuff you (and your family) order online?

- What if you could send packages from where you are (and never stand in line again at the post office, UPS Store or FedEx Office)?

- What if you could share in the experience of those purchases and deliveries?

- Wouldn’t it be great to know when someone receives a package and get a reaction?

- What if you could send a package without an address?

We started to create an alternative, the result is an innovative app that's simple to activate followed by a surprising moment when alerts you to a package delivery (perhaps one you expected or even forgot about).

If you order online or send packages frequently then is for you. takes care of the annoying legwork you do to keep track of your orders and shipments, then adds new and innovative features that make the way you send and receive packages fun, social, and valuable.

Led by a team of executives with decades of experience in eCommerce software and services for online retailers, is the one place that “auto-magically” connects everything you order and send, and then helps you manage and share all your incoming and outgoing shipments. is available today for download on iOS and Android. You can also find on Alexa and Google Home too.

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