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What is

About is re-imagining the delivery process and building the platform to bring this to life so you can experience delivery magic.

What if there was one place to track all the stuff you (and your family) order online and then use that one platform to ship packages and share in the experience of those purchases and deliveries?

Starting with the new, innovative app, you can manage and share all your incoming and outgoing shipments. Available today for download on iOS and Android. 

What does the App do? It’s like Venmo for shipments.


You will never have to search your email for a tracking number again. The status of all your inbound and outbound packages will be at your fingertips in the App. This feature will save you time and frustration. (Right now you need a Gmail account but Hotmail, MSN, AOL, Outlook coming soon.)

The App will track all your incoming shipments from all retailers (including Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, and all other online retailers) plus all postage carriers (UPS, FedEx, USPS, Amazon).

You will get real time tracking updates. You will get a notification the moment your package arrives at the delivery location (home, office, other). Once you try it, we are sure you will love it.


No more waiting in lines. No more shipping hassles. Never go to the post office, FedEx Office, or UPS Store again and pay less. This App will definitely save you time and money. You can ship a package from your phone, in your home or office or on the go WITHOUT an address.

We invented the ShipTag. With a ShipTag, you can send packages without an address. It’s magic. Just enter the ShipTag of the recipient.

Get your unique ShipTag now before it’s gone.


Most households have one Amazon Prime account. The only the person who knows when the order is arriving is the person who controls the account or placed the order. Or, perhaps you are going out of town and have a packaging on the way and want your neighbor to get it before the porch pirates.

Places by was created to solve these issues and many more. Places makes it possible to share tracking information with family, friends, coworkers, or neighbors.

Now you can create a place (home, office, or other address) and invite other people to be a part of that Place. This allows you to share the inbound and outbound tracking information with whoever belongs to your place.

This works great for families to share tracking information at home or for offices to share incoming package information among co-workers.

The Future of is re-imagining the delivery process and building the platform to bring this to life so you can experience delivery magic. Join us today by downloading THE App that will transform the way you experience order delivery.

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