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How do I ship a package with my mobile app?

Ship with just your phone, compare pricing from multiple carriers and print your shipping label in seconds. Take the guesswork out of shipping with our automated shipping forms. You can also ship packages to family and friends without entering addresses! Register your Shiptag now with your mobile app and send packages via USPS and FedEx in just a few clicks.

  1. Open the Ship App or log in on your desktop
  2. Tap on the Ship tab
  3. Select Your Shiptag as the originating address or select an address in your Places
  4. Choose your recipient’s address from their Shiptag, your database, or you can add an address
  5. Enter the weight and dimensions of the package
  6. Select Send My Stuff and choose from shipping options pre-sorted by best price and by carrier
  7. Print the label from your phone, or a copy will be sent to your email to print from your desktop
  8. Attach the label to your shipment.
  9. Drop your package off at your local carrier or call to schedule a carrier pickup.
  10. Your tracking information will be automatically updated in your feed.

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