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How do I measure my package's dimensions?

The simplest way to measure your package is to grab a ruler and start measuring. If you can't find a ruler, you can print a ruler on your home printer. has created a printable ruler. Before printing, double check your settings and make sure you deselect the “shrink to fit” / “fit to page” feature. Once you have printed out the ruler, fold the paper diagonally close to the printed ruler’s edge to get the most accurate measurements.

Round up any partial inches when you enter the measurements in the shipping tool.

Use a Piece of 8.5”x11” Paper as a Guide

A standard sheet of copier/printer paper measures 8.5” by 11”. You can use the piece of paper to measure your package’s dimensions. You can also fold the paper in half either along the height or width of the page to get smaller measurements of 4.25” and 5.5”.

Use a Tape Measure or Yardstick

While a ruler is the simplest way to measure dimensions if you can’t find one you can also use a tape measure or a yardstick.

Use a Measuring App

There are several cool apps that can be downloaded free of charge that will help you magically measure your package using your phone’s camera. To find a measuring app, open your preferred app store and search for ‘measuring tools’. If you’re an iOS user, we recommend AirMeasure. You can use the app’s ‘3D cube feature’ to grab all of your package’s dimensions including the length, width, and height. There’s no need for Android users to feel left out, there are plenty of measuring apps in the Play Store as well. The top-rated pick is aptly named Ruler, and while it can be relied on to give fairly accurate measurements, none of these apps are as reliable as an actual ruler.

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