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For those who haven’t heard of it, what is the best way to describe is an app that makes it easy, fun and social for people to track and ship personal packages from their phone.   

The Ship app is like Venmo for shipping.  Users can ship to another user without knowing their address by using a ShipTag.  Users can also arrange pickup at home so no more trips to the post office.  

At we are focused on socializing consumer and peer-to-peer shipments just as Venmo streamlined and socialized peer-to-peer payments.  Now with the addition of ZenSales, we will socialize business-to-consumer shipments and so much more. Read more in Founder Joe DiSorbo’s blog.

How did get started?

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: the package delivery and shipping process is full of hassles, it’s risky/dangerous, it’s annoying and there is no “fun” element to the process. 

What if shipping a package was as easy as using Venmo?

What if you didn’t have to check UPS, FedEx, USPS, and Amazon sites for tracking numbers?

What if you didn’t have to sign up for text or email alerts for shipping notifications from the places where you shop online including Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Nordstrom, and all others?

What if there was one place to track all the stuff you (and your family) order online?

What if you could send packages and compare shipping prices from where you are (and never stand in line again at the post office or FedEx Office)?

What if you could share in the experience of those purchases and deliveries?

Wouldn’t it be great to know when someone receives a package and get a reaction?

What if you could send a package without an address?

What if you could see and interact about where and what your friends, family contacts were verifiably buying online?

What if you never had to look for, or ask for, a mailing address again? 

We started to create an alternative with an innovative app that takes next-to-no set-up followed by a surprising moment when alerts you to a package delivery (perhaps one you expected or even forgot about).

What features does provide? offers multiple tracking, shipping and sharing for personal shipments focused on solving three key problems: 

The first problem is managing tracking confirmations sent via email. puts all tracking information from all retailers, including Amazon and Walmart, and carriers, USPS, UPS, FedEx, and Amazon Delivery in one phone app.

Rather than relying on retailers to send tracking email updates or push notifications, the Track feature in the app links to users’ Gmail shopping email (the account where emails with tracking numbers get buried) and puts that tracking information in one place regardless of the retailer or delivery company.  This puts an end to the barrage of multiple apps, emails and texts from retailers (and family members) about package deliveries.

The second problem centers on knowing when a package is arriving and worrying about whether porch pirates have an opportunity to swipe it.

Using the Track and Share features in the app, pushes real-time package updates that can be easily shared with family, friends, and neighbors.

When a package is delivered, users know right away. Specific package deliveries can be shared with family, friends and neighbors. Once a specific package arrives, a user (and those with whom they have shared specific packages) receives notifications so they can retrieve those packages before the porch pirates. The receivers can then alert the senders that they received the package (all within the app). The sharing functionality also works well if multiple people are using the same Amazon Prime account (think family members).

The third problem is the painful process of sending a package and standing in line at the Post Office or local FedEx store. enables users to easily send a personal package from a mobile phone, without knowing or entering an address and then arrange pickup from their home or office.  Using the Ship feature, app users can compare prices across carriers and delivery times and eliminates the need to visit the post office or local FedEx store.  And the shipping cost is lower than going to the post office or FedEx store.

What’s the best thing about that people might not know about?

The process of sending a personal package is now easy and social.  You can send a package to another user without knowing their address by using a ShipTag.  Through the app, users can communicate with receivers by sending a message, photo, or emojis while a package is in transit.   

Since we offer ShipTags, is great for actors, musicians, YouTube Stars, athletes, and politicians or really anyone who receives packages from fans or admirers.  Fans will use the famous person’s ShipTag to send their packages because it’s easy: they no longer need a mailing address.  For instance, Kim Kardashian will tell friends and even family simply to send to her packages with to @kimk. ShipTags make it easier to send and receive packages.  

Who’s behind

Joe DiSorbo is a serial entrepreneur focusing on ecommerce and logistics. In 2001, Joe founded Webgistix Corporation, an ecommerce software and order fulfillment company, for small online retailers to compete with large retailers like Amazon. Joe pioneered the concept and software that drove the creation of the same day shipment and automatic accuracy guarantees,and built the first independent 2-day order fulfillment delivery model for small eCommerce retailers. Rakuten, the largest online retailer in Japan, acquired the company in 2013.

Joe is a graduate of Harvard Business School (OPM41).  He also has Master’s degrees in Finance and International Management from The University of New Mexico and Bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Geography from SUNY Buffalo.  He has attended numerous additional executive programs and conferences including Singularity University. He delivered the commencement address at the University of New Mexico for the December 2015 Graduation. He is a member of the YPO Las Vegas, where he served as chapter chairman, and is his Harvard Business School class secretary.

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