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Can I purchase insurance with FedEx?

Our FedEx insurance is offered directly through EasyPost's Shipping Insurance. For just .5% of the stated value of the order you will receive full coverage of your items. To purchase the insurance for your package just click the checkbox labeled Insurance when purchasing your FedEx label and our system will automatically calculate insurance based on the subtotal of the order (less taxes or fees).

Before purchasing insurance for your FedEx package please carefully read EasyPost's terms for their insurance. Here are some important things to note when purchasing insurance for your FedEx package.

If you purchase insurance for your FedEx package you are responsible for guaranteeing that the items within the package meet the conditions laid out by EasyPost.

You are responsible for verifying that the itemized list of products on the order includes all items in the package.

Personal items, gifts, samples, and promotional items are not covered through EasyPost insurance.

EasyPost requires a signature for any package valuing more than $500.

You are required to submit the claim directly with EasyPost by emailing

Purchasing insurance does not guarantee you will be paid for a lost or damaged package.

You are required to gather and submit all evidence required by EasyPost to process your claim.

You must file the claim for the damaged package within 30 days of the creation of the label (this is the day that you purchase the label).

To file a claim for a lost package you must submit the claim at least 30 days after the label was created and no later than 60 days after the label was created.

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