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Which USPS postage option should I use to ship my order? currently offers several different USPS postal options when shipping a package through our system. The two main types of postage that can be purchased are First Class and Priority. All of the shipping options are Priority unless you choose from one of the First Class options.

The following graphic shows a breakdown of shipping types from our Shipping Modal:

First Class

First Class is the least expensive shipping option through USPS. This type of shipping can only be used with small light weight packages and envelopes. You will be required to choose your own packaging when shipping First Class. You can ship in either an envelope, polymailer, bubble mailer, or a small box.

All First Class packages must be no more than 15.9oz (this means the package must weigh less than one pound). We use ounces instead of pounds when differentiating First Class packaging because none of the postage options can be more than a pound. All packages from 0.1oz to 3.9oz cost the same price with USPS. Instead of entering the precise weight of the package, you’ll just want to select the correct weight range.

If you are wanting to purchase postage for First Class, you’ll want to make sure that your packages are weighed accurately. If a package weighs 8.1oz then you will need to make sure and select the “Up to 12oz” option. If you choose “Up to 8oz” then USPS may detect the discrepancy, which will result in an APV charge.


Priority is a slightly more expensive option but also comes with expedited shipping times, flat rate pricing options, and up to $50 shipping through USPS on some packages.

The following Priority shipping options have flat rate pricing. This means that the price of the postage is not contingent upon how much the package weighs. As long as the items fit within the designated USPS packaging then you can ship them through *ALL* Priority packages must weigh less than 70 pounds. 

If you are not shipping with one of USPS's flat rate options then you'll need to purchase postage through the Priority - Custom Package option. Postage for this option will vary depending on the weight of the package and which Zone you are shipping to. The following chart gives you a general idea of how much it costs to ship different weights to different zones. *ALL* Priority packages must weigh less than 70 pounds.

For our Custom Package option we expect that you'll need to fill in the dimensions and weight yourself. We do have several pre-fill options to help expedite this process when shipping. If you are looking to ship Cubic Soft Pack then use this postage option. Click the image below the pricing chart to open an article with more information about the pre-filled dimensions.

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