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What do I need to know about the and ZenSales merger?

Within the next week you should expect to be automatically redirected from to when you log into your ZenSales account. To help make a smoother transition to the new URL we will be slowly rolling out updates over the next week. and cannot give a specific time frame for when you will experience the change. We will continue to keep this article up to date with the latest information.

When do I need to sign up for

You do not need to sign up for a account. When your account is migrated to our new system you'll be automatically directed to when you try to go to When you land on the sign in page you'll use your ZenSales credentials to log into your account. We have not made any changes to your Orders dashboard, so you will not need to learn a new system! Just continue shipping like normal!

How do I link my ZenSales account to the app? 

To get your ZenSales account linked to you'll want to download the app and log in with your ZenSales credentials. Once you link your accounts then all of your tracking information for any labels purchased on the desktop will be automatically imported into the app. This will help you easily keep track of when packages ship, where they are at, and share tracking information with your customers. If your customers have the app we will automatically update their app whenever you ship an order for them! At this time, none of the labels that are purchased on the app will be updated to your desktop app and your orders that are ready to ship will not be imported into your app. 

Do I need to resync my orders?

Your orders will continue to automatically import into, but will only be viewable when logged into a web browser. You can view these orders from a web browser on any desktop, laptop, or mobile device. 

Are these two different systems?

While we are united under one brand and team, not every aspect of the two systems will be combined at this time. We will continue to add more functionality and tools to both systems. If you have any requests or suggestions please feel free to reach out to our support team at any time! 

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