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File Delivery Guarantee Claim

This article walks you through the steps of filing a claim for a package shipped through using USPS postage. To report an issue for a UPS®,  package please contact our support team directly at for more information.

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There are three steps to filing a claim through our system. 

  • Step 1: Before You File

  • Step 2: Filing Your Claim

  • Step 3: After You File

Step 1: Before You File 

Determine if the package is eligible for the Delivery Guarantee by checking the conditions located in our help center.
If the package is Lost, you will need to first attempt locating the package through the USPS Missing Mail and Lost Package website

You will receive an email confirmation from the USPS when you do and that will be required documentation to process your claim.

If the package is Damaged instruct your customer to take a picture of the packaging (with the label showing) along with the damage on the items. This can be multiple pictures if needed.

Make sure you know the *wholesale* value for each item listed in the order. 

The wholesale value is the price that you purchased the item(s) for the order, not what the customer paid.

Locate the order within your Dashboard and update the status to Delivered if needed.

Step 2: Filing Your Claim

Locate the order on your Orders Dashboard.

Click the tertiary menu to the right of the order and select “File a Claim”.

If you do not see this option make sure the status of the order is ‘Delivered’.

Verify that the order information is correct when filing the claim.

Fill out the information requested in the modal including what happened and the wholesale (dollar) amount of the products in the order.

For damaged packages only fill out the form for the products that were damaged and put a $0 for the items that do not need to be replaced.

Step 3: After You File

Once you’ve filed your claim then you will receive an automatic email from our system to confirm that the claim was filed.
Check the email associated with your account to verify that you received the automatic response.
This message is important and contains potential next steps for you to help expedite the process.
Contact our support team if you do not receive an automated response to your claim.

Make sure to promptly follow up with any documentation or additional information requested for your claim.

If your customer receives their lost package please notify our team immediately so that we can close the claim for you.

Mobile Directions

You cannot currently file a claim for a package through our mobile app.

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