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Guide to ShipLive

Go live with to earn more and work less with a whole new platform to help you drive sales, engage customers, and increase profits. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to start with the simplified Live Stream comment selling platform. We’ve broken down this guide into three simple parts; what you need to do before you can go live with, what to know during your sale, and how to wrap up your sale and view your reports.



Before You Go Live

Preparing Social Media
Currently, you can broadcast to any Facebook Profile, Group, or Page. To go Live through you will need to install the App on any of the Facebook Pages, Groups, or Profiles that you will go Live with. When going live through the platform you can broadcast to multiple destination(s) at one time and the system will read comments and automatically create orders from any of your chosen broadcast locations.
After you are done installing the app then you will not need to take any additional steps to set up your 
Social Media account on until you choose to go live! 

Preparing your Customers
Registering customers through is a painless, quick process that you can easily walk your customers through! The registration link is the same no matter where you broadcast to, but it is a slightly different experience for customers depending on where you go live. 
If you are going live through a Profile then customers are not required to register with our system to create detailed order information from their comments.  
If you are going live in either a closed or public group then customers just need to go to to be able to shop on *any* of your Facebook Groups. 
If you are going live through a Page then your customers must register for *each* Page you are going live on. Upon purchase via comment on a Page, customers will receive an automatic Facebook message that will prompt them to register *with* but *for* your specific page. If your customers need help registering, or if you have any questions about a customer's registrations, then reach out to support for assistance.

Preparing Your Broadcast
You can set up a Live Broadcast before or after registering with Facebook. There are a few main parts of getting your Sale ready that can be set, saved, and then later used or edited at a different time. To setup the broadcast you will want to set your Broadcast details including:

Name of the Sale - Displayed as the Video Title on Facebook
Description - Viewable as the video description on Facebook
Personalizations - Custom Keywords, Automatic Discounts, etc.
Inventory for the Sale - Upload a CSV or Choose from Products List

You can also recreate any broadcast that you set up through When you recreate your broadcast the system will automatically set up a new pending broadcast with all of the same information. You will still get a chance to update and edit the information before you start the new broadcast. 

During Your Sale

Start Your Sale
Once you are registered with Facebook and have your broadcast ready to go then you are ready to click ‘Start Sale’. At this point you’ll navigate to your Selling Session. You will not be live at this point in the Sale. From here you will need to accept your mic/camera browser permissions. Once you do, then you can toggle through your cameras/microphones if you use any external equipment. 
Take the time to get to know your selling dashboard. Once you go live data from your sale will populate to help you track who is viewing, commenting, and purchasing while you are live.

Connect and Go Live!
Once you’re sure you have the correct hardware live and all of your products are ready to go then you are ready to go live! Click ‘Connect and Go Live’ to connect your Facebook account and choose your destination(s).
If you are already logged into Facebook when you click to Go Live then you will not be prompted to log into your Facebook account. If you are not logged into the correct account then you’ll want to open a new tab and log out of Facebook. At that point you can choose to Go Live again and you will be prompted to log into the correct account.
Easily search for whatever destination(s) you would like to send your broadcast to! Once you have all of the correct destination(s) selected then you are ready to go live. 

Navigating Comments and Inventory
Users must comment with the Trigger-word + Item Keyword + Variant(s).
Trigger-word is either buy or sold for any of your sales. You can change which trigger word appears on your overlay by visiting your settings personalizations.
Item Keyword is either randomly generated by our system, or whatever you set when you entered your products for the sale.
Variants are only needed if you add a variant to the product. Variants are typically a color or size associated with the product. This allows customers to purchase whichever variant they want from your sale but shows all variants in the overlay of your video.
You can use our convenient next and back buttons to move through your sale in a linear fashion. You can also scroll down to your inventory and choose which product you want to be ‘live’. Once a product is live then it is considered an active item in the sale and anyone can make a purchase even if that item isn’t active on the overlay. Items for your sale are not purchasable until it has been active at least once on the overlay.
Once you’re done with your sale just select ‘End Broadcast’. 

After Your Sale

Once you click ‘End Broadcast’ then you’ve completed your sale! You will no longer be live on your destination, but you may still see yourself in the dashboard. Click to ‘View Invoices’ to navigate to the automatic orders created through your 

Sending Invoices
You can view your invoices at any time on your Orders Page. Invoices are automatically created based on the comment purchases made during your live sale. Confirm the order looks correct and then send your invoices. You can either send each invoice individually or choose to send all of the draft invoices at the same time.  This is all you need to do once you’re done with your live sale. Keep reading to learn more about BackOrders and how to fully utilize your reports.

BackOrdered Items (Requested Order)
Before the live sale begins you have the option to ‘allow backorders’. If you leave this selected then the system will create an order under the status of Requested Order under two commenting conditions. First, if a customer tries to purchase an already out of stock item then it will be considered a backorder. Second, if a customer uses the wrong formula in their comment to make a purchase then we’ll create a backorder.  
When a backordered item is created it will show as a Requested Order within your Orders page. If a user does not pay their invoice or chooses to pass on an item then you can click the three dot menu to the right of the order and select “Next in line”. This will automatically update any of the Requested Orders in that order to a draft Invoice status. You can confirm the customer has the correct items on the order and then choose to send the invoice at that point.

We generate two types of reports for when you are done with a live sale; Comment Log and Warm Leads. 
The first type of report is your Comment Log report. In this report you will get to see all of the comments, who commented and where, along with the time the comment came in. We only keep this report for up to thirty days, so make sure to print off your Comment Log if you want to keep the log for longer than that.
The second type of report is the Warm Leads report. This will show you everyone who commented on your sale but who did not make a purchase. This will help you know who is active in your live sale and interested in your product but not quite ready for a purchase.

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