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Order Management

Can I cancel an order?
You can easily remove orders from your queue by clicking on the three dot menu to the right of the order and selecting "Cancel Order".  This will not remove the order entirely from the system, but it will move it to the bottom of the queue and apply the status "Canceled" to the order. Information from canceled orders will not be included in your End of Year report.

Can I combine orders?

Yes, you can easily combine orders that will be going to the same customer.  You would do this by using the “Merge Order” feature.  This article will walk you through the steps to properly merge your orders.  

How do I get a Quote for postage?
You can easily find a quote by using our Quote Calculator, found on your orders page under your Shipping Balance!  You can also view the Quote Calculator through your Homepage. All you need is the zip code where the package is going to quickly check in advance how much shipping will be, without having to create a new order for your customer.

How do I link my Yahoo! email account?
Automatic forwarding of emails from your Yahoo inbox to a third-party email account is no longer a free feature for Yahoo Mail accounts.  Because of this, we highly recommend that you use a Gmail or Outlook account when forwarding your mail for the sake of reliability. 

Can I manually update the status of an order?
If an order has a status of “Waiting for Payment” you can update this status manually to get a label purchased.  To do this you would use the 3 dot menu to the right of the order and select “Mark as paid” or “Purchase shipping label”.  

Can I import orders from more than one account?
Yes!  You can easily import orders from multiple brands or payment processors into your account.  
This article can walk you through the steps.  

How do I stop importing orders?
To stop automatic importing of orders, you will want to disable your email forwarding.  The instructions will be determined by the email provider you have, 
read here for more information.  

Why are my PayPal Shipping Addresses Missing?
Generally this is because you are only sending over partial information on your orders. This can be solved by updating your PayPal settings within your PayPal account.  You can follow this link for more detailed instructions on 
how to update your settings

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