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Tracking Packages

How do I give my package to USPS?
You can either drop your package at your local Post Office or schedule a pickup.  Scheduling a pick up will allow the Postal worker to come to you! 

How do I give my package to UPS?
You can drop your UPS package off at any UPS location.  Find the nearest drop off location through their website.

Can I schedule a pickup?
You can schedule a free USPS pickup right from your Orders page!  After you’ve purchased and printed your labels, you can use the link under your Shipping Balance that says “Request USPS Pickup”. 

How do I track my package?

All labels purchased through will automatically update your order with a tracking number. As long as the package is In Transit you'll be able to easily view the tracking number through your Orders Page. Just click the purple tracking number to the right of the order to quickly view our special tracking page to see where the package is!

To track incoming packages (or any label not purchased through just download our mobile app!

Where do I find my tracking number?
Once a label has been purchased your order will update to include the tracking number.  This will be shown to the right of the order while the package is “In Transit”.  Once the package has been delivered, your order will still have the tracking number saved and can be viewed at any time by opening the order details.  

What if my package is 'In Transit' for a long time?
The status updates you see on your Orders page will come directly from USPS.  If a package is stuck “In Transit” for longer than expected this can be due to several reasons.  Some Post Offices are busier than others and packages can move slower because of this.  If you ever feel unsure about where your package is, you can start a 
Missing Mail search through the USPS website. If you know that your customer received their package you can manually change the order to be marked as Delivered.

Why did my package get marked as Delivered - I didn't receive it!
This can occasionally happen, but does not always mean the package is missing! When this happens it is usually because the USPS got ahead of themselves and updated the status of a package early.  The package could be delivered within a few days of receiving this status update.   

How do I find my package?
If you feel your package has gone missing in transit, you would first want to reach out to the USPS directly through their 
Missing Mail search.  This usually gets movement on the package and helps to get more information on its current location.  If USPS is unable to find the package you may be able to utilize our Delivery Guarantee
! If you are having trouble locating a UPS package reach out to our support team for additional assistance.

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