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How do I track my packages automatically?
Easily enter and track all of your incoming packages through your app. After you have entered your tracking number into the app, you can see automatic tracking updates via your feed on the Track tab. You will automatically get notifications as your package moves closer to delivery.

Can I add a tracking number to my package?
For any shipping labels purchased through the mobile app you do not need to add a tracking number! Our system will automatically import the tracking information into your Outbound package tab. From there you will be able to not only view the tracking number, but also get notifications as your package moves closer to delivery. 

How do I purchase a label?
You can easily purchase a label by clicking the Ship button in the bottom center of the app.  You will be asked for the recipient address, weight and size of the package.  We will then generate the best postage options for you to select from.  

How do I cancel a label?

If you’ve purchased a label that you no longer need you can cancel by reaching out to us at  This would need to be done within 7 days of purchasing the label, or we will be unable to refund the postage.  

How does this sync with my desktop app?
Your app will sync with your desktop account, by updating your app with the tracking numbers from the labels you’ve purchased via the desktop site.  At this time there are no syncing capabilities from the mobile app to your desktop account. 

How do I remove a package from my feed?
You can easily remove a package from your feed at any time!  You’ll want to make sure your app is updated to the latest version then select the package to open the package details.  Next you would click on the 3 dot menu, in the top right, to open the settings menu from which you will select “Remove Package”.  

How do I update my Shipping Address?
You can update your Shipping Address from the Connect tab found at the bottom of your app.  You would select the address you want to update, click “Change Details”, and then save after you’ve made your changes.  

How do I update my account information?
To update your name, email, phone number, or ShipTag just click the Profile tab on your mobile app. To update your payment information, connected accounts, Friends, or notifications just click the Settings tab in the upper right corner of the Profile window.

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