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Billing and Payouts

Billing Questions

Why should I connect my bank account to
Connecting your bank to is just another way for you to pay for your subscription and postage. When connecting directly with your bank credentials then you know that you are securely connected to pay for postage. Utilize your 
Plaid Portal for all connected apps to better manage your financial data.

Can I update my payment method/billing information?
You can easily update your payment method at any time from your Settings.  From the Billing tab, under your Settings, you can choose which card or bank account you would like to have on file with us. 

Can I update my Billing Address?
If you receive a billing zip code or CVC error then you may need to update your Billing Address. To update your Billing Address just locate the billing tab on the settings page. Click “Change Card” to update your Billing Address to match whatever address is associated with your bank account.  

Can I use a different payment method for my subscription and postage?

At this time, you can only have ONE bank account -OR- ONE credit card on file for at a time. This would be used for both your subscription and postage payments.  You can change payment methods anytime you need to at your convenience.

Payout Questions

Where do my invoicing funds get deposited?
Any bank account of your choosing can be easily set up to receive invoicing funds through the Invoice tab in your Reports.  You will be directed to our secure portal powered by Stripe Connect. You will need to complete the setup of your payout account by entering your business or personal information, including either your 
EIN or your SSN. Feel free to reach out to our support team if you run into any issues or have any additional questions.

How often will I receive my payout?
Your payouts will not be initiated until after you set up your payout account. Once you are set up within our system then you will receive your payouts the next business day after your funds are processed through our system. If your customer’s payment is processed on a Monday then the funds will be deposited on Tuesday; if it is processed on Friday then the funds will be deposited on Monday. 

Why do I have to add a payout method for Invoicing?
When processing payments for you and your company then we require specific information about your business. We also need to collect information to be able to process the deposits into your account. If you would like to use for payment processing then you must provide this information to receive your invoice funds.

When do I receive my Ambassador payout?
Ambassador payouts will be paid monthly into your account, unless otherwise mentioned in the Terms and Conditions. Payouts will be processed within the first 7 days of the month and you will be notified via email when it is deposited.

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