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5 Step Guide to Going Live - Maverick Consultants

5 Step Guide to Going Live Using ShipLive

Step 1: On your computer, go to the liveselling section and click on Create a live broadcast

Step 2:  Name your Live Broadcast and add a description  

Step 3:   Set up your product playlist through the search bar.  Click on the Maverick Inventory tab and be sure to check the corporate inventory checkbox for dropshipping. 

Step 4:  Now you can save your Live Broadcast for later or Go Live right away

Step 5: The final step.  Go to your settings in your Facebook group or page.  Scroll to the bottom and find the ‘app’ section.  Just search for in the search bar and add it to your Facebook account. 

Getting Started with your Live Event

Step 1: Click on the Go Live button 

Don’t forget to check your Internet bandwidth so you have a great Live event!  

ShipLive is designed for your desktop camera. Android users can use their mobile phones. 

iPhone users have to wait for Apple to fix the bug preventing you from using the iPhone.

Step 2:  Now just have an awesome time engaging with your customers and getting them excited about buying some products!  

Don’t forget to have your buyers register for your sale so they can comment-purchase.

It’s easy to do at They can register even during your sale.

After Your Live Sale

Invoices (Payments) are automatically generated for you! 

Step 1: Navigate to your Maverick back-office orders page to monitor customer order status.

Three Ways to Get Help  

Click on “Help” in your left navigation bar


Schedule a 1-on-1 

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